Go-To Travel Pack List

To be honest, some days we rock up to the airport like a complete shit show. Other days, we have our shit together. On those days, these are our MUST have travel items to keep sane and healthy for those long hauls.

  1. We wouldn’t be Fit On Tour if we didn’t recommend getting a workout in (30-60 mins) pre flight. This is a MUST for us. Exercise is great for blood circulation, and also helps to get you head-strong before traveling in a tube for hours! We are also fans of movement on the plane and/or in the airport - don’t be afraid to stand up and stretch it out!

  2. Arrive Revived Jet Lag Roller by Sage (essential oils… yesss)

  3. Face Masks (to scare the person next to you and hydrate your skin)

  4. Face cream - our go to is the ultra hydration surge by Clique


  6. Neck pillow - Memory foam a MUST!

  7. 1L Water bottle (fill before going on plane!)

  8. Compression Socks - these help immensely to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.

  9. Hand sanitizer… no explanation needed.

  10. Slippers. Ditch those shoes, but don’t go barefoot… pack a simple pair of comfy slips to let your feet breathe.

  11. SNACKS… make sure to eat and pack lots of high protein/high fiber and low carb foods including: salads, bananas, apples, turkey/beef jerky, almonds, seaweed crisps, veggie and hummus, and veg juices are among our faves!

  12. Emerge-C packages to add to your water to help boot that immune!

  13. AirPods…those tunes are essential!

  14. Sugar free gum - PUR gum is our fave!

  15. Toothbrush/Toothpaste - can change your world before landing. *Use bottled water for brushing!

And there you have it. Travel well, friends!



24 x Water Bottles (NO Evian / Aquafina / Dasani / Nestle) **prefer jugs with reusable cups where possible

12 x Soda Water 

1 x Angsostura Bitters (to mix in soda water!)

24 x Gatorade Zero 

1 x pack of Nuun Hydration Tablets 

1 x Emerg C Box 

24 x Low Carb beer (Corona, Ultra, Lagunitas Day Time, Kahana Blonde Ale)

2 x Organic/LocalWine: White + Red (Under 10gm sugar per bottle)

1 x bottle of Gin (Hendricks)

24 x Zevia Mix Drinks (zero calorie/sugar tonic water & other mixes)

6 x Nutrl Voda Soda’s (no carbs/sugars) 

2 x Seedlip spirits bottles (for the non-drinkers!)

10 x Coconut water 

1 x box Assorted teas (mix of herbal)


12 x Bananas 

5 x Oranges 

1 x box of Blueberries 

1 x box of Strawberries 

5 x Avocados 

1 x jar of Protein Powder Vanilla (Organic/Vegan)

2 x Almond Milk

10 x green detoxing juices 

1 x Cucumber 

10 x limes 

10 x lemons

***Please have Vitamix or high powered blender avail! 


2 x Siracha Almond packages 

1 x Meat + Cheese plate 

2 x Turkey Jerky packages 

12 x Protein Bars (RX bars Preferred) 

1 x Dark Chocolate bar with sea salt

1 x Organic hummus + veggies for dipping

1 x Baba Ganoush

12 x Nomz energy balls 

1 x jar of Peanut Butter & Almond Butter 

1 x pack of Rice Cakes 


*Please provides reusable knives, forks, spoons, plates, cutting board, etc.*


Fresh flowers

Diffuser / essential oils (eucalyptus)

“What can you do to prevent illness while on the road?!”

Tis’ the season for summer colds… though it seems like its always the season for colds when you live on the road, and are exposed to hundreds of other humans on the daily.

So, we’ve been asked, “What can you do to prevent illness while on the road?!”

We’ve pulled in the specialists to bring you the ultimate FOT SURVIVAL KIT (curated by the industries best COLD FIGHTERS!)

To start, it wouldn’t be FOT if we didn’t say EXERCISE!!! Physical activity helps to flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, and can help reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illness. Try to get 1 hour of physical activity into your day to help boost your immune system.

  • Vitamin C + E and zinc are natural immune boosters; zinc in particular helps with with white blood cells activity, while vitamin C + E are great antioxidants

  • Emergen-C package in a pint of water is our go-to for immune support + energy + electrolytes

  • Collagen protein is a great add-in to smoothies or coffee as it contains critical amino acids needed to form antibodies against viruses. (Our go-to is always Strong Coffee collagen protein powder)

  • SAJE WELLNESS! The Pocket Pharmacy Kit is gold.

  • Probiotics and fermented foods strengthen the intestinal lining, making it more difficult for bad bacteria to enter and colonize.

Our go-to foods we eat every week:

  • Kombucha

  • Oranges

  • Greek Yogurt

  • Blueberries

  • Eggs

  • Broccoli

  • Spinach

  • Salmon

  • Garlic

  • Apples

  • Hand Sanitizer for everyone! Most virus’ are spread through hand surfaces - keep some travel sanitizers on you can help with prevention!

  • Echinacea vitamins - the herb encourages the immune system and reduces many of the symptoms of colds, flu and some other illnesses.

  • Oil of Oregano - A disgusting tasting natural antibiotic that helps fight bacteria! Put a few drops into a glass of water, gargle and swallow!

  • Organic Cold 911 tea from @davidstea - A mix of peppermint, eucalyptus and orange - SO SOOTHING!

All of this and a topic we speak on a lot - SLEEP. Listen to your body, put the FOMO and yourself to BED for a good ol’ nights rest - this is better than any vitamin or medication out there.

What are your go-to’s to prevent illness while travelling!?

Disclaimer: THESE ARE OUR GO-TO’s but, please consider consulting your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements, especially if you're currently taking prescription medications


The reality is, when you’re on the road constantly you are bound to find yourself at a fast food joint along the way.

If you’re anything like us, your relationship with fast food is love/hate. We can’t deny our love for a juicy burger and fries - but also can’t deny that gut wrenching, sleepy, disgusting feeling that follows.  

We’ve been making a conscious effort at FOT to avoid fast food chains while on the road, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. As such, we thought we’d list our FOT - approved fast food chains + our go-to orders for when this is your only option.



The FOT Order: 

Beyond Meat Burger! (nothing wrong with the real burg either - we just prefer the Beyond Meat!)

Substitute real bun for lettuce bun

Toppings: Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Cheese (optional). + Mustard but told the other sauces! 

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Approx 400 Calories- 28g protein


The Fit On Tour Order: 

Our go to is a BURRITO BOWL full of all the goods including: Greens, Brown Rice, Guacamole, Chicken, Pico De Gallo + Black Beans 

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 700-780 Calories / 46G of protein

*Eliminate the guac or rice if you want to reduce approx. 200 Calories 



Damn, we love Chick-fil-A… an American tour staple. 

The Fit On Tour Order:

Grilled Cool Wrap (with grilled chicken)- 390 calories / 29g protein


Market Salad with a side of Grilled Nuggets (6 piece) - 310 calories / 15g protein


A classic after-show go to. We used to love smashing a footlong sub, but now we turn that shit into a salad or wrap! All the toppings you love, minus the bun.

The Fit On Tour Order: 

Turkey Breast Wrap  + Side Veggie Salad - 480 Calories / 31G protein

OR simply put all your fave toppings into a salad bowl.


We must say, the USA has WAY better options than Canada when it comes to healthy options. 

The Fit On Tour Order: 

Egg White Delight  - 260 calories / 16 grams of protein (ONLY AVAIL IN USA)

*Skip the processed cheese to reduce the calorie count by 50 


Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad - 290 Calories / 29 g of protein

So there you have it. The FOT go-to’s. 

Comment and let us know your on-the-go fast food options on the road!


In honour of Earth Day earlier this week, I am sharing the items I travel with that not only help me stay healthy on the road, but ALSO help me keep our planet at the top of my mind.

The amount of waste in our industry is ASTRONOMICAL (this is a WHOLE other battle!) - but these simple, lightweight travel travel items help me to do my part in a small way throughout my days on the road (and at home!). 

1. Ruby Sunn Cutlery Kits

This is a MUST! My gal over at Ruby Sunn creates Zero Waste, roll up bamboo cutlery kits for a plastic free lifestyle.

Comes with:

1x bamboo straw + cleaner

1x knife

1x spoon

1x fork

1x set chop sticks

Let’s be real, food DOES NOT taste as good off of plastic cutlery. This kit is perfect for traveling, flying, tour buses or hotel rooms.  

2. Re-usable Water Bottle

A re-usable water bottle on the go is yet another MUST - not only does it help keep you more hydrated, but eliminates our need to reach for the plastic water bottle (that we usually only take a sip or two out of….let’s be honest.) 

My personal favourite is HydroFlask (Linked in title), but there are SO many great options out there. 

3. Canvas Bags!

…okay, another MUST... I always travel with 2-3 reusable bags for grocery hauls, or shopping of any kind on the go. I have a few bags from the Corona x Parley: 100 Islands Project (a recent project we worked on). These bags are made out of ocean plastics and each bag funds the clean-up of 20 pounds of marine plastic waste. These can be pricey, I am aware, but ANY reusable/canvas bag does the same trick. And either way, check out the work Corona x Parley are doing for our oceans! 

4. Reusable coffee mug

In December 2018, while working with Corona x Parley I vouched to stop using take away coffee cups - I have not been PERFECT, but I have made significant improvement and am ALWAYS traveling with my reusable mug. I use a basic-bitch one from Starbucks linked above, but again, anything will do here. 

5. Patagonia Gear

If you are looking for Eco-friendly active/outdoor wear Patagonia is one of my favourite brands in this category - they donate one percent of sales or 10 percent of pre-tax profits—whichever is more—to environmental groups, and support plenty of grassroots activists working to find solutions to environmental crises.

It can be so easy to be ignorant to our environment and global warming, but let’s all try to do our part to make sure we get to keep touring this BEAUTIFUL WORLD! I have a long way to go myself, but these 5 items are helping me start.



Where to start with Craig Stickland - a man of many talents - musician, fitness-aficionado, builder of badass vans…. the list goes on.

Craig and I were on the same tour in 201 7 where he was the opening act for Matthew Good, and driving across the country in his newly restored van (SEE HERE!) and I was mega impressed. Among performing every night, he was constantly working on van renos, whipping up kick-ass healthy meals, AND doing bomb workouts - either in his van, backstage, or in the parking lot. I was not fitness-focused at the time, but admired his strength and willpower. I think a few times I said I’d join him backstage for a workout, and never did…. but that doesn’t mean he didn’t leave me inspired!

Craig is an incredible example of keeping health and fitness on the forefront, among a busy touring schedule, and in unorthodox scenarios. Craig spends, on average 100+ days on the road each year, and I wanted to get a better glimpse into his VAN LIFE to share with the world. 

I remember when we were on the Matthew Good tour, you’d do workouts in your van (sometimes while it was moving…not joking - LOOK). What are your go-to van exercises? 

I have some hammock attachments on the roof of either end of my van, and I secure my resistance bands to them. When I'm outside the van and it's stopped, it’s very similar to a TRX set up, so I do lots of pulls & pushes targeting different muscle groups. When the van is moving and I'm inside, space is more limited, so typically I can only get in some pulls at different angles. I also do body weight exercises in timed intervals, like squats, push ups, dips on my couch and planks, and I normally bring a 35 lb kettle bell with me too. 

Talk to me about your healthy eating habits on the road, and what it is like to cook out of your van…

I make about half my meals out of my van on the road, depending on timing and if I'm the one doing the driving. The key is loading up on healthy snacks, so you don't get hungry and tempted by the roadside junk food along the way. I'd recommend getting hummus and tapenade with some pretzel crisps, protein bars, fresh fruit, protein shakes and granola to tie you over. 

What is your biggest motivator to stay Fit On Tour?

The road can be very tiresome, with lots of risk of getting sick, so I like to exercise to get my blood flowing. Also, when you're sitting for 10 hour travel days, it's important to move your body. Working out also helps me to warm up my vocal chords. 

Tell me a little bit about your new music, and the tour you are currently on?

I just finished up a few back-to-back US tours, one supporting an incredible Irish band named Hudson Taylor, and then another one supporting Tom Walker, an amazing singer-songwriter from the UK. I'm getting set to release my debut LP, and I've put out two songs from it so far. The plan is to put out a record every month leading up to a summer album release. The next single, Stop At Nothing is coming out on April 22nd, and Rolling River, one of my favourite songs off the album was released just a few weeks ago.


To follow Craig’s adventures in all things fitness, music, and van life - follow him on Instagram. Also, I highly recommend you check out his tune ROLLING RIVER that he recorded as part of his van sessions. Voice of an angel!

Stay healthy, Craig! xo




Brett Kissel is a Canadian country singer and songwriter signed to Warner Music Canada.

Over the past few years, the country singer has received an armful of Canadian Country Music Association Awards, (including two straight wins for Male Artist of the Year and the coveted Fans' Choice). Brett was the recipient of the Allan Slaight Honor from Canada's Walk of Fame (previously presented to Drake, Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd), the Breakthrough Artist of the Year winner at the JUNO Awards 2018, and was recognized as the International Artist of the Year at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, California (an honor bestowed upon Ed Sheeran and Adele in the last two years respectively), and most recently, the 2019 JUNO winner for ''Country Album Of The Year’ for ‘We Were That Song’ - HUGE congrats to Brett and his team.

The Fit On Tour team are fans of Brett. Beyond his music, we love the expression in his social media - especially the way he proudly loves his family and shows the balance he finds between his demanding touring schedule and life at home. Personally, our favourite tune is Cecilia - a love ballad for his wife. Check it out HERE.

When the Fit On Tour Instagram account started, Brett Kissel was one of the first followers to pop up on the feed - this was both exciting and motivating. Wait, people actually care about this thing? Artists are looking for accounts to inspire, and motivate them?

Brett recently took to social media to express his desire for change. A desire to take his health and fitness seriously - for himself, for his family, and to sustain his successful career.

I asked Brett a few questions about his fitness journey ahead and this is what he had to say: 

What is your biggest motivator to change your lifestyle, and join the Fit On Tour train? 

Well, being Fit On Tour is something I didn’t really do, it was actually something I did in the off season, while off the road.  During my 'We Were That Song' Tour I didn’t have the time I wish I had to hit the gym often or follow a routine. So, instead, I focused a lot on cutting out bad foods, alcohol, and to be conscious of my diet. 

When I got home, over Christmas, I indulged in everything bad that I didn’t eat or drink while on tour. This is when I basically ballooned. (Haha)

So, sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and START - so in January / February - I did. 

I’ve worked very hard to get back to my original weight, and am now working to build muscle and lean out. My friends at Exist Fitness in Alberta helped me on this journey, and now I have some great tools that I’ve taken to Nashville with me (since I moved back here with my family.)

So, my biggest motivator?  = The Mirror. 

Who are your biggest fitness influences?

First fitness influence is Jim Cressman, my friend (first), my agent (second). He is the real deal. And although I truly respect his work ethic in the gym and the stuff he’s able to do — it’s his balance with work and family, plus his unwavering dedication that REALLY inspires me. 

Andrea: I second this!! Follow JIM CRESSMAN for some mega motivation!

The next fitness influence is The Rock - Dwayne Johnson. He’s just the coolest. The strongest. The most badass. 

What has been the biggest struggle to date in terms of maintaining your health and fitness, with your demanding and busy touring schedule? 

The biggest struggle unquestionably is time. Finding time. Making time. Putting in the time. 

But NIKE wouldn’t have the slogan “Just Do It” Or Just Don’t Quit” if it wasn’t an accurate or inspirational ‘push’. (Can you tell advertising works? haha)

So, for me, I just have to put in the time. Just arriving at the gym, or getting into plank position to start my daily pushups is the victory. 

So, for me, I just have to carve out and find the time in my packed schedule with my family and career to make fitness a priority. 

So, for me, it’s pretty simple. JUST DO IT!

Andrea: Without a doubt, this is the biggest struggle for many on the road - finding time in our busy days. At Fit On Tour, we had this problem too. We have started to schedule “FOT moments” into our days - we make these moments JUST as important as anything else on the production schedule. As we’ve said before, these moments can be as simple as a walk, or as big as a run - but we ensure our teams and artists have the time they need to feel their best selves and produce their best work. While understanding that this simply isn’t possible every day, we encourage the leaders at the top to promote health & wellness wherever possible for their team - it can make a world of difference.  

What are your fitness goals for 2019? 

My fitness goals for 2019 are maintenance first, growth second. I still struggle with a routine, with eating choices, and time management. But if I get to the gym, or work out at home, that’s a big win. So, the first goal is to maintain where I am at. Establish a good routine. Eat healthy. And manage my time.  When I accomplish that, I will get onto a new path this summer, where I’ll focus on building muscle, leaning out, and pushing myself harder than ever before. 


The Fit On Tour team is cheering you on, Brett! Follow along with his journey in all things music, family, travels, and fitness HERE.

Stay Healthy,

Team FOT



In celebration of the Fit On Tour launch we hosted a sweat session in London. This event, which was in partnership with OEV Fitness, and in support of Over the Bridge gave the music community a chance to come sweat, celebrate and connect prior to the 2019 JUNO festivities!

As Fit On Tour is passionate about mental health advocacy, we donated proceeds from both classes to our partners at Over The Bridge - an organization who connects the music industry to addiction recovery and mental health, education, training, and long-term support services. Together, we were able to raise over $500.00 - so THANK YOU! This is going to help OTB raise more awareness, deliver more content, education and training to our community in need.

We were so thankful to see so many faces from the industry and beyond! In attendance were members of OEV/London Community, Live Nation, Coalition, Canada’s Music Incubator, The Feldman Agency, Spotify, Lemmon Entertainment… not to mention the babes in Nice Horse, and more!

We look forward to creating more programs at festivals and events across the globe that inspire our industry to get away from the hustle-and-bustle and take a moment for self care! After all, it is about balance here at Fit On Tour…

Until next time (Coming for you, Canadian Music Week!)

Much love,

Fit On Tour Fam xo



I’ve struggled with mental health issues for as long as I can remember - for me its agoraphobia and panic attacks. A sickness that does not typically pair well with travel, and being out of your comfort zone. This has always been a strange one for me to accept and understand, as as I’d consider myself a very outgoing, adventurous, easy going individual who loves being out of her comfort zone…

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