In celebration of the Fit On Tour launch we hosted a sweat session in London. This event, which was in partnership with OEV Fitness, and in support of Over the Bridge gave the music community a chance to come sweat, celebrate and connect prior to the 2019 JUNO festivities!

As Fit On Tour is passionate about mental health advocacy, we donated proceeds from both classes to our partners at Over The Bridge - an organization who connects the music industry to addiction recovery and mental health, education, training, and long-term support services. Together, we were able to raise over $500.00 - so THANK YOU! This is going to help OTB raise more awareness, deliver more content, education and training to our community in need.

We were so thankful to see so many faces from the industry and beyond! In attendance were members of OEV/London Community, Live Nation, Coalition, Canada’s Music Incubator, The Feldman Agency, Spotify, Lemmon Entertainment… not to mention the babes in Nice Horse, and more!

We look forward to creating more programs at festivals and events across the globe that inspire our industry to get away from the hustle-and-bustle and take a moment for self care! After all, it is about balance here at Fit On Tour…

Until next time (Coming for you, Canadian Music Week!)

Much love,

Fit On Tour Fam xo