Where to start with Craig Stickland - a man of many talents - musician, fitness-aficionado, builder of badass vans…. the list goes on.

Craig and I were on the same tour in 201 7 where he was the opening act for Matthew Good, and driving across the country in his newly restored van (SEE HERE!) and I was mega impressed. Among performing every night, he was constantly working on van renos, whipping up kick-ass healthy meals, AND doing bomb workouts - either in his van, backstage, or in the parking lot. I was not fitness-focused at the time, but admired his strength and willpower. I think a few times I said I’d join him backstage for a workout, and never did…. but that doesn’t mean he didn’t leave me inspired!

Craig is an incredible example of keeping health and fitness on the forefront, among a busy touring schedule, and in unorthodox scenarios. Craig spends, on average 100+ days on the road each year, and I wanted to get a better glimpse into his VAN LIFE to share with the world. 

I remember when we were on the Matthew Good tour, you’d do workouts in your van (sometimes while it was moving…not joking - LOOK). What are your go-to van exercises? 

I have some hammock attachments on the roof of either end of my van, and I secure my resistance bands to them. When I'm outside the van and it's stopped, it’s very similar to a TRX set up, so I do lots of pulls & pushes targeting different muscle groups. When the van is moving and I'm inside, space is more limited, so typically I can only get in some pulls at different angles. I also do body weight exercises in timed intervals, like squats, push ups, dips on my couch and planks, and I normally bring a 35 lb kettle bell with me too. 

Talk to me about your healthy eating habits on the road, and what it is like to cook out of your van…

I make about half my meals out of my van on the road, depending on timing and if I'm the one doing the driving. The key is loading up on healthy snacks, so you don't get hungry and tempted by the roadside junk food along the way. I'd recommend getting hummus and tapenade with some pretzel crisps, protein bars, fresh fruit, protein shakes and granola to tie you over. 

What is your biggest motivator to stay Fit On Tour?

The road can be very tiresome, with lots of risk of getting sick, so I like to exercise to get my blood flowing. Also, when you're sitting for 10 hour travel days, it's important to move your body. Working out also helps me to warm up my vocal chords. 

Tell me a little bit about your new music, and the tour you are currently on?

I just finished up a few back-to-back US tours, one supporting an incredible Irish band named Hudson Taylor, and then another one supporting Tom Walker, an amazing singer-songwriter from the UK. I'm getting set to release my debut LP, and I've put out two songs from it so far. The plan is to put out a record every month leading up to a summer album release. The next single, Stop At Nothing is coming out on April 22nd, and Rolling River, one of my favourite songs off the album was released just a few weeks ago.


To follow Craig’s adventures in all things fitness, music, and van life - follow him on Instagram. Also, I highly recommend you check out his tune ROLLING RIVER that he recorded as part of his van sessions. Voice of an angel!

Stay healthy, Craig! xo