In honour of Earth Day earlier this week, I am sharing the items I travel with that not only help me stay healthy on the road, but ALSO help me keep our planet at the top of my mind.

The amount of waste in our industry is ASTRONOMICAL (this is a WHOLE other battle!) - but these simple, lightweight travel travel items help me to do my part in a small way throughout my days on the road (and at home!). 

1. Ruby Sunn Cutlery Kits

This is a MUST! My gal over at Ruby Sunn creates Zero Waste, roll up bamboo cutlery kits for a plastic free lifestyle.

Comes with:

1x bamboo straw + cleaner

1x knife

1x spoon

1x fork

1x set chop sticks

Let’s be real, food DOES NOT taste as good off of plastic cutlery. This kit is perfect for traveling, flying, tour buses or hotel rooms.  

2. Re-usable Water Bottle

A re-usable water bottle on the go is yet another MUST - not only does it help keep you more hydrated, but eliminates our need to reach for the plastic water bottle (that we usually only take a sip or two out of….let’s be honest.) 

My personal favourite is HydroFlask (Linked in title), but there are SO many great options out there. 

3. Canvas Bags!

…okay, another MUST... I always travel with 2-3 reusable bags for grocery hauls, or shopping of any kind on the go. I have a few bags from the Corona x Parley: 100 Islands Project (a recent project we worked on). These bags are made out of ocean plastics and each bag funds the clean-up of 20 pounds of marine plastic waste. These can be pricey, I am aware, but ANY reusable/canvas bag does the same trick. And either way, check out the work Corona x Parley are doing for our oceans! 

4. Reusable coffee mug

In December 2018, while working with Corona x Parley I vouched to stop using take away coffee cups - I have not been PERFECT, but I have made significant improvement and am ALWAYS traveling with my reusable mug. I use a basic-bitch one from Starbucks linked above, but again, anything will do here. 

5. Patagonia Gear

If you are looking for Eco-friendly active/outdoor wear Patagonia is one of my favourite brands in this category - they donate one percent of sales or 10 percent of pre-tax profits—whichever is more—to environmental groups, and support plenty of grassroots activists working to find solutions to environmental crises.

It can be so easy to be ignorant to our environment and global warming, but let’s all try to do our part to make sure we get to keep touring this BEAUTIFUL WORLD! I have a long way to go myself, but these 5 items are helping me start.