Go-To Travel Pack List

To be honest, some days we rock up to the airport like a complete shit show. Other days, we have our shit together. On those days, these are our MUST have travel items to keep sane and healthy for those long hauls.

  1. We wouldn’t be Fit On Tour if we didn’t recommend getting a workout in (30-60 mins) pre flight. This is a MUST for us. Exercise is great for blood circulation, and also helps to get you head-strong before traveling in a tube for hours! We are also fans of movement on the plane and/or in the airport - don’t be afraid to stand up and stretch it out!

  2. Arrive Revived Jet Lag Roller by Sage (essential oils… yesss)

  3. Face Masks (to scare the person next to you and hydrate your skin)

  4. Face cream - our go to is the ultra hydration surge by Clique


  6. Neck pillow - Memory foam a MUST!

  7. 1L Water bottle (fill before going on plane!)

  8. Compression Socks - these help immensely to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling.

  9. Hand sanitizer… no explanation needed.

  10. Slippers. Ditch those shoes, but don’t go barefoot… pack a simple pair of comfy slips to let your feet breathe.

  11. SNACKS… make sure to eat and pack lots of high protein/high fiber and low carb foods including: salads, bananas, apples, turkey/beef jerky, almonds, seaweed crisps, veggie and hummus, and veg juices are among our faves!

  12. Emerge-C packages to add to your water to help boot that immune!

  13. AirPods…those tunes are essential!

  14. Sugar free gum - PUR gum is our fave!

  15. Toothbrush/Toothpaste - can change your world before landing. *Use bottled water for brushing!

And there you have it. Travel well, friends!